Ryan Mathern designs and handcrafts fine furniture and cabinets, integrating low-voltage lighting and audio/video solutions for home and commercial environments. Made from glass, wood, metal, stone, or a custom combination, form meets function and becomes art.
Please have a look at our photo gallery and begin to envision what Ryan Mathern Custom Furniture can design for you.


Ryan Mathern brings more than 25 years of craftsmanship to creating custom furniture for both commercial and residential clients. Adept at all elements that comprise a successful project, Ryan will take your needs through design and presentation to an exquisite, finished product he delivers and installs. Ryan Mathern Custom Furniture draws on a broad spectrum of clean, contemporary styles that can integrate wood, stone, glass, and steel into beautiful, usable, hand-crafted furniture that complements any home or corporate environment. Each project is designed, priced, and built as a client-centered, custom exercise bringing extensive options and flexibility.
Ryan Mathern Custom Furniture is licensed in Fulton County, GA, and fully insured for personal and property liability.


Design & Presentation

Drafting documents
3-D modeling
Shop Drawings

Materials & Processes

Solid Wood, Veneered Plywood, Vacuum Pressed Veneer Work
Plastic and Metal Laminates
Machined and Painted MDF
Painted/Polished Welded Steel
Machined and Polished Aluminum
Shaped, Bent, Etched, Drilled, Polished Heavy Glass
Fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbonfiber Construction
Low Voltage Lighting


Clear and Pigmented Finishing in Laquer and Polyurethane
Coloring to match existing or selected swatches and design/lighting schemes
Metal Painting, Blackening, Powdercoating

Delivery & Installation

Local and Long Distance Delivery
Rigging, Access and Transportation Problem-solving
Quick, Clean and Respectful Installation